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Bugfix: (tnx Bill Mc Carthy) vimball wasn't updating files plugin/ to As Needed/ properly * Rm Vimball implemented - allows one to remove files installed via a vimball * A.Mechylynk's idea to allow users to specify installation root paths implemented for Use Vimball, Mk Vimball, and Rm Vimball (optional path argument) * (sssh -- bugfixes, too) Bugfix release: * exists("&acd") used to determine if the acd option exists * the |'acd'| option is not always defined * Vimball List would create missing subdirectories that the vimball specified were needed. * moved all setting saving/restoration to a pair of functions.It’s also worth noting that the (free) App used in this tutorial will also allow you to open many other file times, such as . Please allow a couple of days for it to make its way around CTAN.

[VIM VERSION 7.1 or 7.2 REQUIRED] The vimball plugin facilitates creating, extracting , and listing the contents of "vimball" archives (*.vba).View full description If you have to decompress files regularly, especially image files, you may find Zipeg interesting.The key feature of this program is a cool preview function which allows you to see what you are going to decompress before you do it.Furthermore, the helptags command will be automatically and transparently used to make any doc/*files' contents available by the Vim help system.PREVIEWING A VIMBALL Instead of immediately sourcing a vimball to extract its contents, one may use : Vimball List to preview the contents of the vimball archive.

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