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You cannot tee the ball in front of the tee markers but you can put your feet wherever makes you comfortable. During stroke play, a competitor whose ball lies in a bunker makes a practice swing, touching the ground in the bunker with her club.

Nope, the correct answer is that as long as the ball is between the margins of the two tee markers and not more than 2 club lengths behind this line, all if good!

Player A prepares to hit her ball from the teeing ground.

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If the aera- tion hole is on the green, then the ball can be placed at the nearest spot, not closer to the hole.If the snake is alive, it is considered an outside agent and you are entitled to relief under Rule 19.You can drop the ball at the nearest point of relief, not closer to the hole. ) I'm not sure about you, but I won't be getting close enough to determine if the snake is dead or alive.(Appendix 4d of USGA Rules of Golf) The plugs made from the aeration process are considered loose impediments and can be moved away. (Rule 23) You approach your ball in the fairway and see something that looks like a crooked stick laying next to your ball.As you get closer, you realize that the crooked object is not a stick but a snake. Well let me just say, if this happened to me, my game is over for the day.

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