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During the 1990s and until 2008, the country was in a civil strife.

A peace treaty was signed in 2006 and elections were held in the same year.

The history of Nepal has been influenced by its position in the Himalaya and its two neighbors, modern day India and China.

It is a multi-ethnic, multiracial, multicultural, multi religious, and multilingual country.

The kings of Lichhavi dynasty have been found to rule Nepal after the Kirat monarchical dynasty.

The context that ‘Suryavansi Kshetriyas had established new regime by defeating the Kirats’ can be found in some genealogies and Puranas.

The most spoken language of Nepal is Nepali(नेपाली) followed by other various ethnic languages.

It was also Gunakama Deva who started the 'Indra Jatra' festival.

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The remains are still scattered all over the Simroungarh region. The son of Harisingh Dev, Jagatsingh Dev married the widow princess of Bhaktapur Nayak Devi and thus the Dev kings of Simroungarh merged into the Malla Dynasty of Nepal. After Aramudi, who is mentioned in the Kashmirian chronicle, the Rajatarangini of Kalhana (1150 CE), many Thakuri kings ruled over parts of the country up to the middle of the 12th century CE.

Raghava Deva is said to have founded a ruling dynasty in 879 CE, when the Lichhavi rule came to an end.

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