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So, why do so many people consider the La Laurie House, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, to be so haunted?It might have to do with an incident that happened all the way back in 1834.But, who is this mysterious ghost who harasses the staff and makes itself known to the diners who come to enjoy Muriel’s incredible menu?Our ghost tours tell the whole story about the hauntings of Muriel’s Restaurant.Popular legends talks of a mass murder committed in this house against the brother of a Sultan from Turkey.However, the real history about the ghosts and hauntings may surprise you.

For a very haunted city like New Orleans, that is a pretty substantial claim.Every home you come to is easy to imagine it being haunted, with the ghosts inside tormenting the living.On our New Orleans Ghost Tours we take you to the most haunted areas in all of New Orleans’ French Quarter.Read more about the ghosts of Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Everyday thousands of tourists walk on the stone pathway that makes up Pirates’ Alley.Running down one side of the Cathedral, you might not suspect that Pirates’ Alley has long been considered a hotspot for ghosts in haunted New Orleans.

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