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Many of these people probably have forgotten they even have diamonds.

Komehyo, the Nagoya-based retailer that specializes in recycling high-end merchandise such as designer accessories and expensive jewelry, is spearheading the drive to get Japanese people to dig into their tansu (wardrobes).

The Asahigaoka Lakeside Park at Yamanakako holds the “Yuyake no Nagisa, Fall Foilage Festival” every year, featuring a 600 meter long maple corridor with falling leaves as the red carpet.

The gradient of yellow, orange and red leaves is visually pleasing and romantic.

There are quite a few Guinness World record breaking roller coasters as well as the Lisa and Gaspard Town, a popular check-in attraction on the social media. Fuji cookies in purple and yellow sweet potato flavors or a purple sweet potato panini to quench your hunger.

Among the Fuji Five Lakes, Yamanakako is the closest to Mt Fuji and the largest.

Besides nature, there are a bunch of recreational and entertainment facilities on the way to Yamanakako.

As one of the company’s store managers told Chunichi, another reason foreign buyers are descending on Japan is that the diamonds are already cut, and used cut diamonds tend to be cheaper than new ones, though there really isn’t any difference in quality.

Komehyo is hoping to sell used diamonds in bulk and is offering premium prices to anyone who wants to unload theirs.

We have decided to make CABIN & LOUNGE HIGHLAND STATION INN our home for one night.

Opened in April 2017, this capsule hotel is not far from the station and easily accessible.

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