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This is really helpful if you're not sure what file extension the file should have for your device.You can pick from presets like Android, Xbox, PS3, Black Berry, i Pad, i Phone, and others.All that said, when it comes down to practical use of either 3GP or 3G2, programs that can open and convert 3GP are almost always the same that can work with 3G2 files.Both 3GP and 3G2 files can be played on many different 3G mobile phones without the need for a special app.

Perhaps the best-known part of the MPEG-1 standard is the MP3 audio format it introduced.

Both file formats can store the same video streams but the 3GP format is considered superior because it's able to store ACC and AMR-WB audio streams.

However, compared to 3G2, it cannot contain EVRC, 13K, and SMV/VMR audio streams.

They knew I was pregnant but didn't care," Ms Bagon said.

Clutching her baby daughter to her chest, the 20-year-old added: "My husband blamed me for letting it happen.

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