Girls dating guys

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[Read: Why guys love breasts so much] Really, I’m sure you’re fine with a decent guy who just checks you out for a fraction of a second, it might even be flattering, but an all-out stare is just disgusting.These stare-y eyed guys look all over, and emphasize most on the assets that differentiate women from the men. I’m sure all women understand that staring is a way by which a man shows interest in you.You might just find yourself escaping from a clinging stalker. Or if you’re with a bunch of friends, you could just point right out at him, and all of you could burst out laughing.[Read: How to be just friends when he wants more] Guys staring at girls – How to stop it? There are a lot of things you could do, and I’m sure you could come up with something just as nasty any day!

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They have no damn self confidence when it comes to matters of women, and they, quite frankly, don’t care.

After all, guys who stare at girls act brave and burly only as long as you’re uncomfortable.

If you show him who’s in control, he’ll tuck his tail like a little dog. I don’t mind being “glanced” at or “smiled” at, but I don’t like it when a guy has that nasty “oooooh baby damn” look in his eyes.

If they would approach you, you’d spurn their advances anyways.

So these guys retaliate by making you feel uncomfortable.

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