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We move fairly quickly, which leads me to search Google chat for decisions that then need to be copied into the Smartsheet row. Recently, we’ve tried using Slack because the chat feature is attached to each individual project and can be easily searched. If it is in the works, when can we expect to see something. Nowadays I am looking for project management tools to be purchased for my company enterprise use.

It works well with Smartsheet but is still another program to add and search. Smartsheet looks like a good choice and performed well in the trial until today.

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Sirius XM Prospective Supplier Registration site To send feedback to a specific channel, program, or DJ, just find your channel on the channel lineup page, then click on the channel name and contact them directly.

That is a great suggestion and I will pass this idea along to our product team. If so, you can start a Google Hangout directly from your sheets if you are collaborating with other Google users. It took me a year to get them using Smartsheets (a very low tech company), and asking them to use another chat program like Slack on top if it just doesn't work.

Here’s some information on how to do this: This is a much needed feature. I love how Google docs and sheets has the built-in chat feature, and I've found that very helpful in the same way, when co-editing documents.

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The new option on the Marriott Mobile App, available for i OS, Android and Windows phones, allows you to use a drop-down menu to make such requests as extra pillows or towels and e-chat in real time with the hotel under its "Anything Else? Maybe you want to order a car to get to or from the hotel or confirm details about your reservation?It would be tremendously helpful to be able to chat with someone who is viewing the sheet at the same time as I am.So often I'll open a sheet and get the notification that one of my clients is also viewing the sheet, but there is no way for me to communicate with them.Having a live chat window on the far right side woud be great.The discussion feature isn't quite the same as live chat.

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