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In a paper to be delivered at the British Sociological Association’s annual conference in Leeds today, Dr Bartram analysed survey data on 265 migrants from Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, France, and 73 from the UK, who resettled in the Mediterranean countries.

When asked how happy they were on a scale of 0-10, the migrants scored 7.3 on average, compared with the average of 7.5 for 56,000 people studied who had remained in the northern countries.

The Costa del Sol has the highest concentration of golf courses in Spain, so is touted by some as the 'Costa del Golf'.

Certainly there is enough variety in the golf courses down here to keep all golfers happy.

But Britons who chase the sun and migrate to the Mediterranean are actually less happy than if they had stayed at home, an academic study has found.

Almost 3,000 Britons move abroad each week, with around five million now living outside the UK.

For example, were constructed - often with the permission of corrupt local officials - on land that should never have been allowed any development at all.

If you play golf on the Costa del Sol, you will travel a great deal along these two roads, and all golf clubs will have directions starting from exits off these roads.

Dr Bartram, who studied data from the European Social Survey recorded between 20, said that British migrants sometimes found that their qualifications were not recognised in their new home and they were forced to take jobs with a lower social status than expected.

They felt excluded from workplace banter and local community networks because of a British reluctance to learn foreign languages and integrate, Dr Bartram suggested.

Like the rest of Spain, the Costa del Sol had a dramatic property (real estate) boom which ended in a big bust with the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

Many golf courses were constructed as the main feature to sell property (villas and apartments) adjoining the golf course.

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