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You start a BITS job, and from that point on, BITS is responsible for the download.But what if we tell you that BITS is a careless middleman?Research interests include adversarial machine learning, deep learning, large-scale malware classification, active learning, and early time-series classification.Saturday at in 101 Track 45 minutes | Demo, Tool Follow me on a journey where we p0wn one of the most secure platforms on earth.

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He received his Ph D in Electrical Engineering (signal and image processing machine learning) from the University of Washington and BS/MS degrees from Brigham Young University.The rise of Free and Open Source Software has led to more secure and heavily scrutinized cryptographic solutions.However, below the surface of open source operating systems, strictly closed source firmware along with device driver blobs and closed system architecture prevent users from examining, understanding, and trusting the systems where they run their private computations.Less well appreciated, however, is that machine learning can be susceptible to attack by, ironically, other machine learning models.In this talk, we demonstrate an AI agent trained through reinforcement learning to modify malware to evade machine learning malware detection.

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