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Just as he doubted whether James Nichols really kept a gun under his pillow, Moore cannot resist seeing for himself whether Canadians really leave their doors unlocked.

Canadians are not fiercely divided against one another, racially or socially, nor do they instinctively respond to strange or unexpected house calls with fear and anger.

There is no speech about how a burglarized home makes one feel violated and unsafe; the fetishes of property and security have little importance to this woman.

Even after facing an actual burglary, rather than an imagined potential threat, she adopts nothing of the defensive, fortress mentality widespread among Americans.

First, he debunks the American misconception that Canada is racially and ethnically homogeneous with a trip through Toronto. Canadians are exposed to the same movie and video game violence as Americans, and as much as they enjoy fictional blood and gore, Canadian teenagers speak with a lighthearted spirit and convey none of the angst and frustration that might lead to a violent disposition.

People of non-European races find they are much more accepted in Canada than in race-conscious U. Moore learns another tidbit exhibiting the easy-going ways of Canadians: most of them leave their front doors unlocked at home.

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