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Czechoslovakia, a survey of economic and social conditions.

Strange nooks and corners of the greatest city in the world.

History of the mission, presidio, and pueblo of Sonoma.

■ *979.418 T837 USEFUL ARTS Building; Trades; Manufactures Bale, M. Saw-mills, their arrangement and management and the economical conversion of timber.

37- 5M Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY MONTHLY BULLETIN yolume 29 January, 1925 No.


Stories of scientific dis- 925 H185 Famous American naval offi- 923.5 L585 Schwob, Marcel. Daily messenger service is maintained to the branches and semi-weekly deliveries are made to the stations. These postal cards will be mailed to the applicants as the books become available. Books in the Main Library will be sent on request to any branch or sta- tion. REGENT ADDITIONS An asterisk (*) before a book number indicates tbat tbe book is for use in tbe library only and not for circulation. David Wilmot, free-soiler; a biography of the great advocate of the Wilmot proviso. The wisdom of the Egyp- tians: The story of the Egyptians, the re- ligion of the ancient Egyptians, tlie Ptah- hotep and the Ke'geniini, the "Book of the dead", the wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus, Egyptian magic, the Book of Thoth.

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