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But his campaign has been scuppered by his arrest - much to the horror of his former friend Josh Gravens, who was registered as a sex offender at the age of 12, after he inappropriately touched his eight-year-old sister.Gravens, now 29, had worked with Baughman to create 'a world where people like us weren’t forced to the margins of society' and says Baughman's arrest will have a 'devastating effect' on their campaign.“I recognise that the Government has improved the law to allow for tougher action against abusers, but the provision is too patchy and reoffending remains too high. We need to send a clear message to anyone committing domestic abuse that the police have them on their radar." It comes after The number had rocketed by almost 40 per cent compared with the previous 12 months, fuelling concerns that cuts to policing and specialist services for victims of domestic abuse were pushing vulnerable people back into dangerous situations, while allowing perpetrators to escape justice.Meanwhile, the number of charges being brought by police fell by more than 10 per cent in 2016 compared with 2015.The No campaign had put the focus on the definition of family, raising concerns about how issues like gender will be taught in schools.

' Baughman's work won him a fellowship from the Open Society Foundations, which is run by philanthropist George Soros and promises 'to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are answerable to their citizens'.Mr Duvall said a register of domestic abusers would require offenders to give the police their personal details, including name and address, and to update with any changes.“We're seeing domestic abuse increase at an alarming rate and we need to get serious about how we protect people from these vile acts,” said Mr Duvall.AFESIP seeks to care for and secure the rights of women and girls who have been victims or at-risk of human trafficking and sex slavery by providing safe and secure housing, confidential psychological support, routine and emergency medical treatments, as well as professional legal assistance to girls and young women affected by physical and sexual violence.With approximately 18.6% of people living below the poverty line, access to education and safe employment opportunities can mean the difference between a person being “re-trafficked” into a life of servitude and one of long-term financial independence.

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