Android weather widget not updating droid x

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One of the biggest advantages of Android over i Phone is widgets. Widgets are valuable because they give you an at-a-glance look at lots of different kinds of information and quick access to valuable apps and configuration settings.I carry both an Android phone (for work) and an i Phone (my private phone), but there are some things where I always reach to whip out the Android phone because I can access the information more quickly via a widget.I'll submit a ticket as requested in case you still want me to load the debug build. That's not the way it should be working (as noted in my reply to your email, just wanted to duplicate that information here for those reading this thread) and if that is the case it could be a bug. I just downloaded your app a few weeks ago and everything was working fine up until a few days ago when I got my JB Android update. I have to remove the widget from my home page and then add it again to get the current conditions.Then, the process starts all over again with not updating showing only the information from the last time I deleted/added the widget. It’s understandable, after all, the files belong to Motorola.So, before Jaime breaks down and cries, here’s another way to go about doing the same thing.

android weather widget not updating droid x-65

android weather widget not updating droid x-57

android weather widget not updating droid x-13

I have the widget on my main home screen and it doesn't ever change.

Have you seen the cool “rings” widget on the newer Motorola smartphones? Articles started popping up with ways to get the Motorola widget onto non-Motorola devices. Motorola, apparently, has sent DMCA take-down notices to everyone that was linking to the necessary files.

Apparently I wasn’t alone in wanting to get this widget on my phone — even though my phone isn’t made by Motorola.

Andrew and Greg, if you'd submit a ticket to us via the link at the top of the page, we can send you a debug build to try.

There are many factors involved in the update and without debug info it's difficult to know where the failure is happening.

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